Ten Things That Most People Don’t Know About Justin Trudeau

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Ten Things That Most People Don't Know About Justin Trudeau

Explore Ten Things That Most People Don’t Know About Justin Trudeau, the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. From his love of adventure sports to his historic apologies, learn about Trudeau’s multidimensional personality that transcends politics. Discover his passion for environmental protection, his language skills, and his commitment to gender equality. A fascinating look into the life of an important figure in Canadian history. Read on to discover the fascinating aspects of Justin Trudeau’s journey.

About Justin Trudeau

  • Birth date: December 25, 1971
  • Birthplace: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Birth name: Justin Pierre James Trudeau
  • Father: Pierre Elliot Trudeau, former prime minister of Canada (1968–1979 and 1980–1984)
  • Mother: Margaret (Sinclair) Trudeau
  • Marriage: Sophie Grégoire (May 2005–2023, separated)
  • Children: Hadrien, 2014; Ella-Grace Margaret, 2009; Xavier James, 2007
  • Education: McGill University, B.A., 1994; University of British Columbia, B.Ed., 1998
  • Religion: Roman Catholic

The Christmas Day birth of Canadian first couple Justin Trudeau was the first act in a life lived largely in the public eye. When Trudeau was six, his parents divorced, and his mother Margaret (29 years younger than her husband, daughter of Liberal MP James Sinclair, and rumored to have had affairs with rock stars and other celebrities) moved out.

As a result, Trudeau and his two younger brothers were raised by a single father who also led his country for 15 years (1968–79, 1980–84). After studying at College Jean-de-Brébeuf, the same private French-language Jesuit school in Montreal that his father attended, Trudeau earned a B.A. in English from McGill University (1994).

He then worked as a snowboard instructor and earned a degree in education from the University of British Columbia (B.Ed., 1998). He then taught high school French and elementary school math in Vancouver. In 2000, aged 28, he delivered an eloquent, moving eulogy at his father’s funeral that thrust him back into the national spotlight.

In politics, some figures attract more attention than others. One such prominent figure is Justin Trudeau, the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. Known for his charismatic personality and progressive policies, Trudeau has garnered both admiration and criticism throughout his political career. However, beneath the public persona lie several lesser-known aspects of his life and career that many people may not be aware of. In this article, we will delve into ten interesting facts about Justin Trudeau and shed light on his journey, achievements, and unique experiences.

Ten Things That Most People Don’t Know About Justin Trudeau

He entered politics in 2008 and became the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada in 2013. In 2015, he achieved a significant milestone by winning the federal election and becoming the Prime Minister of Canada. Now, let’s uncover some lesser-known facts about him.

Ten Things That Most People Don't Know About Justin Trudeau

1. Justin Trudeau’s Love for Adventure Sports

Justin Trudeau, the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, is known not only for his political skills but also for his love of adventure sports. Beyond the corridors of power, Trudeau finds solace in the exciting outdoor activities that ignite his spirit. From shredding the slopes on a snowboard to riding the waves while surfing, he embraces the adrenaline rush that comes with these activities.

Walking through the wonders of nature is another passion that keeps him grounded and connected to the world around him. Despite his busy schedule, Trudeau makes time for these adventures and recognizes the importance of balance and rejuvenation in his life. This love of adventure not only shows his dynamic personality but also serves as a reminder that even in politics, joy and excitement can be found outside the office.

2. Justin Trudeau used to be a snowboard instructor

Before entering the world of politics, Trudeau pursued his passion for teaching and spent time teaching others the art of snowboarding. With his love of adventure sports evident in his life, it’s no surprise that he took this opportunity to share his expertise and enthusiasm with others on the slopes.

This lesser-known aspect of his life not only highlights his adventurous spirit but also shows his determination to connect with people on a personal level. Trudeau’s experience as a snowboarding instructor reflects his determination to connect with others and make a positive impact, traits that have undoubtedly shaped his journey as a prominent political leader.

3. The Remarkable Incident of Trudeau’s Boxing Match

One of the most notable and memorable incidents in Justin Trudeau’s life was his charity boxing match against Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau. This unexpected event took place in 2012 and captured the nation’s attention. Trudeau, known for his youthful charm and charismatic personality, was the underdog in this matchup.
However, he defied all expectations and showed incredible determination and skill in the ring, eventually becoming the winner. The boxing match not only showcased his physical prowess but also showed his tenacity and willingness to face challenges fearlessly. Trudeau’s victory was a testament to his resilience and ability to overcome obstacles, qualities that would later become hallmarks of his political career.
The match not only raised funds for charity but also left a lasting impression on the public, further cementing his image as a formidable and dynamic figure in Canadian politics.


4. Justin Trudeau’s Stint as a Schoolteacher

Before entering the world of politics, Justin Trudeau embarked on a noble and rewarding career as a teacher. His teaching career began at West Point Gray Academy in Vancouver, where he taught subjects such as French and mathematics. During this time, Trudeau had the opportunity to connect with and inspire young people, leaving a lasting impact on his students.

As an educator, he not only imparted knowledge but also instilled the values ​​of empathy, compassion, and open-mindedness. Trudeau’s commitment to learning underscores his genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others, even before his foray into politics. This experience as a teacher undoubtedly shaped his perspective and leadership style and influenced how he would later engage with the Canadian public as a political figure.

5. Justin Trudeau is fluent in Multiple Languages

Justin Trudeau’s fluency in multiple languages ​​is one of his most impressive and valuable qualities. Growing up in a bilingual household with a father who was also the Prime Minister of Canada, Trudeau had the unique advantage of learning both English and French from an early age. This linguistic versatility has been a significant asset in his political career, allowing him to connect effectively with Canadians from different regions and backgrounds.

Trudeau’s ability to communicate fluently in both official languages ​​not only strengthened his relationship with the public but also allowed him to easily engage in diplomatic interactions on the international stage. Additionally, his commitment to bilingualism demonstrates his respect for Canada’s diverse linguistic heritage and his commitment to promoting inclusivity and understanding among its citizens.

6. An Accomplished Writer

Beyond politics, Justin Trudeau is an accomplished writer, showcasing his literary talents in various works. His memoirs, “Common Ground,” offer a personal account of his life, experiences, and vision for Canada. Additionally, he has ventured into children’s literature with “The Sky’s the Limit,” inspiring young minds to dream big and embrace limitless possibilities.

Trudeau displays a unique ability to connect with readers, sharing his thoughts and ideas compellingly and engagingly. His literary activities not only emphasize his creative and intellectual depth but also offer a glimpse into the human side of the prime minister, outside the realm of politics. As a writer, Trudeau adds another dimension to his public persona and leaves a lasting impact on young and adult readers.

7. Justin Trudeau’s Historic Apology

One of the defining moments of Justin Trudeau’s tenure as Prime Minister was his historic apology to the LGBTQ+ community in Canada. In 2017, Trudeau stood before the House of Commons and issued a formal apology on behalf of the Canadian government for past discriminatory policies and practices targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

The apology acknowledged the deep and lasting harm caused by actions such as the “homosexual purge” in the military and public service, where LGBTQ+ individuals were unfairly persecuted and marginalized.

Trudeau’s gesture of reconciliation was a crucial step towards healing and righting the wrongs of the past. It demonstrated his commitment to inclusivity, equality, and human rights and highlighted his role as a progressive leader striving for a fairer and more compassionate society. The apology resonated not only in Canada but also received international recognition, cementing Trudeau’s position as a champion of LGBTQ+ rights and an advocate for social justice on the global stage.

8. Justin Trudeau’s Artistic Pursuits

Justin Trudeau’s artistic activities transcend the realm of politics and reveal a multifaceted side to the Canadian Prime Minister. In addition to his political engagements, Trudeau has shown great interest in the performing arts. An accomplished public speaker, he has participated in various theater productions and demonstrated his flair for drama and storytelling. His involvement in art reflects not only his creative spirit but also his ability to connect with people on an emotional level.

Trudeau’s passion for the performing arts adds depth to his public persona and demonstrates his ability to express himself through various mediums. In addition, his artistic activities underline his belief in the transformative power of art to inspire and bring about positive changes in society. By embracing the world of theater, Trudeau shows that leadership can be as much about imagination, empathy, and expression as it is about politics and governance.

9. A Passion for Gender Equality

Justin Trudeau’s passion for gender equality is a central pillar of his political agenda and personal beliefs. As the leader of a country that prides itself on diversity and inclusiveness, Trudeau has made significant strides in advancing and empowering women. Under his leadership, Canada has seen increased representation of women in political roles with a diverse and gender-balanced cabinet.

Trudeau is promoting policies aimed at closing the gender pay gap, improving access to affordable childcare, and combating gender-based violence. He was a vocal supporter of intersectional feminism and recognized the importance of addressing the unique challenges faced by marginalized women. Trudeau’s commitment to gender equality is not limited to domestic politics. It extends to Canada’s international engagement, advocating for women’s rights on the global stage.

By putting gender equality at the forefront of his leadership, Trudeau is setting an example for other nations and inspiring progress toward a fairer and more just society for all.

10. A Memorable Visit to India

Justin Trudeau’s visit to India in 2018 left a lasting impression on Canadian and international audiences. Not only was the visit diplomatically significant, but it also attracted considerable media attention thanks to Trudeau’s wardrobe choices. During the trip, Trudeau and his family donned traditional Indian clothing, showing their respect for Indian culture and customs.

The wardrobe choice was met with admiration by some, but it also sparked discussions and debates in the media and among the public. Despite the fashion discourse, the visit served as an opportunity to strengthen Indo-Canadian relations and strengthen economic and cultural ties between the two nations. Trudeau attended high-level meetings with Indian officials and business leaders, discussing matters of mutual interest, trade, and cooperation.

Trudeau’s visit to India included interactions with diverse cultural and community groups, promoting both countries’ rich diversity. It became a memorable and significant moment in his political career, highlighting the delicate balance between diplomacy, cultural exchange, and public perception.

FAQs Related to Justin Trudeau

Q: What is Justin Trudeau’s educational background?

Justin Trudeau holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from McGill University and a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia.

Q: How many terms has Justin Trudeau served as Prime Minister?

As of the current date, Justin Trudeau has served two terms as the Prime Minister of Canada, from 2015 to 2019, and was then re-elected for a second term from 2019 onwards.

Q: What are some of Trudeau’s notable achievements in office?

Some of Justin Trudeau’s notable achievements include legalizing recreational cannabis, implementing the Canada Child Benefit program, and introducing legislation on medical assistance for the dying.

Q: Has Justin Trudeau faced any controversies during his political career?

Yes, Justin Trudeau has faced a few controversies during his political career, including the SNC-Lavalin affair and the “blackface” incidents, which generated significant media attention.

Q: What is Justin Trudeau’s stance on immigration?

Trudeau’s government has maintained a relatively open and inclusive immigration policy, focusing on welcoming refugees and skilled immigrants to contribute to Canada’s growth and diversity.

Q: Is Justin Trudeau related to other prominent figures in Canadian politics?

Yes, Justin Trudeau is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the brother of Alexandre Trudeau, a filmmaker and journalist.

Other Facts Related to Justin Trudeau

  • In elementary school, Justin Trudeau was allegedly beaten by Matthew Perry, now famous for his role on the TV show “Friends,” and another student.
  • Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada in October 2015 after becoming leader of the federal Liberal Party in 2013.
  • Trudeau’s election marked the first time that a father and son had both held the office of prime minister in Canada. Pierre Trudeau held the office of Prime Minister from 1968 to 1979 and from 1980 to 1984.
  • Justin is married to Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, who is known in Canada for her career as a television reporter, and the couple has three children: Ella-Grace, Hadrien, and Xavier.
  • Trudeau has openly claimed to be a feminist, and she supported the National Bank of Canada with a woman on the new bill in 2018.
  • In November 2016, a Canadian newspaper revealed that the prime minister. And senior cabinet members raised money through private fundraisers where tickets cost up to $1,500, raising questions about Trudeau’s ethics.
  • Trudeau began his career as a teacher after graduating from the University of British Columbia’s education program. He entered politics only in 2008, when he was elected to parliament.
  • During a recent visit to the United States, Trudeau and US President Donald Trump announced the creation of the Canada-US Council for the Development of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders. The program is “aimed at increasing women’s participation in the workplace and removing barriers that prevent working women.”
  • After Trump’s initial immigration order, Trudeau announced that Canada would welcome refugees turned away from the US by the ban.
  • In support of LGBT rights, Trudeau has championed a bill that would expand the Canadian Human Rights Act to protect individuals from discrimination based on gender identity and expression.


Justin Trudeau’s journey from teacher to Prime Minister of Canada is full of remarkable experiences and achievements. In addition to his political career, his passion for adventure, commitment to environmentalism, and commitment to gender equality have left a lasting impact. Understanding these lesser-known aspects helps us appreciate the multidimensional personality of Justin Trudeau, which makes him a significant figure in Canadian history.


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