Top 10 Best Quick Looping Servants

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top 10 best quick looping servants

Discover the elite league of Fate/Grand Order’s top 10 best quick-looping servants, whose mastery over rapid NP generation can reshape battles. Learn how their unique abilities align with swift and powerful gameplay, creating a symphony of victory.

Quick looping is bombarding one servant with a certain amount of buffs so that when they use their Noble Phantasm. The gauge fills right back up, or enough so that another servant on your team can use their skill to get it up to 100.


The quick-looping servants’ Servant refers to a specific group of heroic characters in Fate/Grand Order who excel at quickly generating and then firing their Noble Phantasms (NP). Which are their powerful signature attacks? The concept of quick looping revolves around using the synergy between these servants, like fast-type cards and skills. And support options to create a continuous cycle of NP.

This strategy is highly effective for quickly clearing waves of enemies or dealing significant damage to opponents in a short amount of time. Quick looping Servants have abilities that improve NP generation, critical hits, and Quick Card performance. Often paired with supports like Skadi to amplify their looping potential. Optimizing their skills and tactics, fast-looping minions turn battles into a fluid sequence of quick and devastating attacks, showcasing their mastery of fast and efficient gameplay.

Delving into the complex realm of Fate/Grand Order, the rapid replay strategy proves to be a game changer. Centered around the rapid and repetitive generation of Noble Phantasm (NP), this technique redefined the dynamics of battle. In this survey, we delve into the ranks of the top 10 best quick-looping servants, each a virtuoso in the art of seamless NP chaining.

top 10 best quick looping servants

These heroes not only possess unique skills based on fast movement but also form a harmonious partnership with support servants, especially the renowned Skadi. Embark on a journey through the story of these fast loopers and discover their secret to effortless triumph.

Top 10 Best Quick Looping Servants

When it comes to fate or grand order, optimizing your team composition is critical to success. Fast looping, a strategy that revolves around generating Noble Phantasms (NP) quickly, has become a popular approach. In this article, we’ll dive into the top 10 quick-looping servants who excel in this play style.

Not only do these minions have incredible quick access skills, but they also work well with support options to unleash devastating NPs. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, these servants are worth considering to elevate your FGO experience.

1. Edmond Dantes (Avenger): The Count of Swift Strikes

At the forefront of the top 10 quick-looping servants in Fate/Grand Order is Edmond Dantes, aka the Avenger. Dantes brings a unique blend of power and speed to the fast rep strategy, making him a formidable force on the battlefield. Thanks to his Quick Noble Phantasm skills, “Golden Rule” and synergy with support minions like Skadi, Dantes excels at maintaining a relentless loop of consecutive NPs.

His versatility shines in both farming scenarios and challenging tasks, showing his ability to quickly decimate enemies and turn the tide of battles in the player’s favor. Dantes embodies the essence of fast rep with his ability to quickly generate NP and deliver impressive strikes, cementing his place as a master of the art of fast and devastating combat.

2. Valkyrie (Lancer): Nordic Elegance in Quick Loop

Valkyries emerge as Lancer-class heroes who embody the essence of fast and elegant combat. These ethereal warriors bring a spirit of Nordic elegance to their fast-loop strategy, showcasing their exceptional ability to gradually activate their Noble Phantasms with finesse.

With AoE Quick NPs at their disposal, Valkyries are further boosted with their “Quick Up” buffs that elevate their Quick card performance to remarkable heights. This synergy allows them to perform a symphony of quick NPs, turning battles into captivating displays of divine prowess.

The Valkyries’ Norse heritage is reflected not only in their thematic design but also in their refined mastery of the fast-repeat technique, making them a fascinating addition to any player’s roster.

3. Lancelot (Berserker): Berserk Blitzkrieg

Quickly cycled through Fate/Grand Order, Lancelot stands out as a powerhouse of the Berserker class and embodies the concept of “Berserk Blitzkrieg.”. Lancelot’s fast looping strategy revolves around his relentless onslaught of fast Noble Phantasms (NP) and relentless attacks.

With his “Eternal Arms Mastery” skill working seamlessly with support minions like Skadi, Lancelot transforms into an unstoppable force, dealing devastating critical hits and wielding his Quick NP with unmatched fury. This fast and aggressive approach to combat perfectly suits the nature of the Berserker class, allowing Lancelot to blast through enemies and destroy the opposition with his raw power and precision.

Lancelot’s mastery of fast loops and his ability to harness his berserker rage makes him a true example of swift and overwhelming dominance on the battlefield.

4. Summer Okita (Saber): The Summer Breeze of Quick Strikes

Summer Okita appears as a Saber-class heroine who embodies the essence of the refreshing “summer breeze of quick strikes.”. Her fast repeatability revolves around her quick and fluid execution of consecutive Noble Phantasms (NP) that penetrate enemies with grace and precision.

Armed with her Swift NP and boosted by her ‘Swift Sailing’ skill, Summer Okita smoothly maneuvers through battles, generating both significant star power and NP charge. This unique combination transforms her into a force of nature that sails through encounters, leaving opponents in awe of her swift and devastating strikes.

“Summer Okita: the epitome of summer vitality, exuding elegance and speed. A prime pick for players mastering fast combat.”

5. Parvati (Lancer): The Lotus Blossom of Swift Refund

In the realm of swift servants with a bow. Atalante, the heroine of the Archer class, attracts attention as a “Symphony of the Arrow.”. Atalante’s fast loop ability is a harmonious symphony of Noble Wraiths’ (NP) quick multiple strikes and precisely controlled skill coordination.

With her Quick NP and “Crossing Arcadia” skill extension, Atalante choreographs a symphony of quick strikes, each arrow hitting its mark with unmatched speed. Accompanied by support servants like Skadi, Atalante’s performance builds to a crescendo of critical hits and NP generation, turning battles into dynamic and engaging displays of her archery mastery.

The rhythmic interplay between Atalante’s quick attacks and her synergy with support underscores her role as a virtuoso archer, creating a symphony of speed and precision that resonates on the battlefield.

6. Atalante (Archer): The Arrow’s Swift Symphony

In the realm of swift bow servants, Atalante, the archer-class heroine, commands attention as the “Symphony of the Arrow.”. Atalante’s fast looping ability is a harmonious symphony of multi-hit fast Noble Wraiths (NP) and precisely controlled skill coordination.

With her Quick NP and her “Crossing Arcadia” skill extension, Atalante choreographs a symphony of quick strikes, each arrow hitting its mark with unmatched speed. Accompanied by support servants like Skadi, Atalante’s performance builds to a crescendo of critical hits and NP generation, turning battles into dynamic and engaging displays of her archery mastery.

The rhythmic interplay between Atalante’s quick attacks and her synergy with support underscores her role as a virtuoso archer, creating a symphony of speed and precision that resonates on the battlefield.

7. Okita Alter (Saber): The Altered Blade of Swift Domination

Okita Alter, a Saber-class warrior, distinguishes herself amidst swift string servants as the ‘Altered Blade of Swift Supremacy.’ Her strategy revolves around rapid looping, leveraging seamless control over Buster and Quick cards. This creates a maelstrom of devastation on the battlefield.

Empowered by the ‘Insanity Enhancing’ skill, which elevates her buster and quick prowess, Okita Alter synergizes seamlessly with support allies like Skadi, emerging as an undeniable force. Her mastery of swift responses enables her to unleash a barrage of formidable assaults, fusing the raw might of her Buster Noble Phantasms with the celerity of her rapid cards.

This dynamic approach makes her a master of fast and ruthless combat, changing the very landscape of battle with her imposing presence.

8. Jack the Ripper (Assassin): The Swift Elegance of Shadows

Jack the Ripper, a mysterious character of the Assassin class, appears as “Swift Elegance of Shadows.”. Jack’s quick looping ability embodies both speed and finesse as he seamlessly weaves his multi-hit Quick (NP) into a symphony of relentless attacks.

Jack wields astonishing star generation and NP charging abilities, crafting a destructive ballet that entrances foes with her swift strikes. With allies like Skadi, her elegance transforms, morphing battles into a shadowy dance of light and darkness.

Her exceptional ability to generate crit stars and NP charges meshes seamlessly with a fast rep strategy, making her a stunning presence on the battlefield.

9. Shuten Douji (Rider): The Cursed Rider’s Swift Symphony

Shuten Douji’s quick looping strategy is a harmonious blend of eerie elegance and rapid execution, capturing the essence of her cursed nature.

With her AoE Quick Noble Phantasm and her “Monstrous Strength” skill, Shuten Douji orchestrates a symphony of swift and devastating attacks. When Shuten Douji’s symphony reaches its crescendo, as her quick attacks become a relentless barrage of pain and chaos.

Her swift, looping style, interwoven with her cursed heritage, evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue on the battlefield.

10. Ishtar (Archer): The Swift Divine Archer

Ishtar, a formidable deity of the Archer class, appears as a “Swift Divine Archer.” Ishtar’s fast-looping strategy combines her celestial prowess with fast and relentless combat tactics.

Armed with her powerful AoE Quick Noble Phantasm and boosted by her “Mana Burst (Gem)” ability, Ishtar scores a symphony of divine strikes that pierce through enemies at exceptional speed. Paired with support servants like Skadi. Ishtar’s divine abilities reach their zenith, turning battles into a majestic display of her mastery of rapid repetition.

Her divine lineage makes her a dazzling presence on the battlefield—a true embodiment of speed and divine power.


Q: What’s the essence of quick looping in Fate/Grand Order?

Quick looping involves orchestrating servant skills, NPs, and support synergy to consecutively unleash NPs, yielding swift and potent attacks.

Q: Is Skadi the quintessential support for quick looping?

Skadi’s transformative buffs in Quick Performance. NP gain and critical star generation have positioned her as a cornerstone for successful quick-looping strategies.

Q: Can quick looping thrive in high-stakes challenges?

Yes, the versatility of quick-looping is not limited to farming. It thrives in conquering challenging quests, rendering foes powerless in the face of swift onslaught.

Q: Is Skadi mandatory for seamless, quick looping?

While Skadi optimizes quick looping, other support servants offering NP charges and quick enhancements can contribute to a successful loop.

Q: How can I tailor Craft Essences to elevate quick looping potential?

The selection of craft essences that bolster NP generation and performance is pivotal in maximizing quick looping efficacy.

Q: Can the concept of quick looping extend beyond quick NPs?

While quick NPs are synonymous with quick looping, innovative strategies can adapt the principle to different servant classes and their innate strengths.


The Top 10 Fast Recurring Servants embody virtuosity in the grand symphony of Fate/Grand Order. Their complex interplay of skills, NP generation, and connection with support servants creates a harmonious masterpiece of unrelenting power. Whether defeating enemies or overcoming formidable challenges, these servants lead the crescendo with finesse and speed. Master the art of quick replay and watch these heroes turn your game into a mesmerizing symphony of victory.


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