Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In The World

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Discover the top 10 most popular musicians in the world. From Beyonce’s reign to BTS’s global phenomenon, delve into their origins, genres, and musical journeys. The hierarchy of the world’s finest musicians is in a constant state of flux, particularly within the music industry. Artists can attract new followers or lose existing ones based on their most recent album or concert tour.

That’s why it’s hard to say who will be the world’s most popular musicians in the next ten years. Many of these musicians will be replaced with newcomers; others will continue their reign at the top of the charts; and others may fall off entirely.


Certifications for Gold/Platinum released after 2016—especially for singles—were occasionally generated by more than 50% streaming. Some artists from the 20th century may also have a sizable number of streaming-based certifications. Sometimes, the certified units of the more recent artists may exceed their reported statistics. This is because practically all certifying organizations, including the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), count streaming toward the Gold and Platinum certification requirements for the Digital Single Award.

This leads to the over-certification of some songs and even entire albums by hundreds of thousands of units. However, with RIAA certifications, the over-certified amounts are sometimes expressed in millions of copies. As an example, the song “We Found Love” by Rihanna is nine times Platinum certified by the RIAA, yet during the time of the certification, it had sold 5.4 million downloads.

Due to the RIAA counting each unit within the set as one unit toward certification, the certified units for some artists and bands with multi-disc albums may be higher than their published claimed figures. Because each track’s downloads and streams contributed to the certifications of both the single and the corresponding album, the redundancy of certifications can likewise inflate the certified units. The RIAA defines an album as having 10 individual track downloads and 1,500 audio/video streams, including those from singles that were released before the album.

The single would theoretically be awarded a Diamond and the entire album might be certified platinum if it were to be streamed 1.5 billion times on YouTube, resulting in a combined total of 11 million certified copies without any sales. The Life of Pablo by Kanye West was only available for streaming services and went platinum without selling a single copy.

Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In The World

The world of music is a vast and dynamic landscape, and some artists have risen to unparalleled heights of popularity and influence. In this list of the top 10 most popular musicians in the world, we will delve into their origins, the genres that define their music, their launch dates, and other crucial aspects that make them global icons.

1. Beyonce: Queen Bey’s Reign

  • Origin: Houston, Texas, USA
  • Genre: R&B, Pop
  • Launch Date: 1997

Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In The World

Beyonce Knowles-Carter, affectionately known as Queen Bey, emerged from the vibrant music scene of Houston, Texas. Her journey into the world of music began as a member of Destiny’s Child in the late ’90s. Beyonce’s commanding vocals, magnetic stage presence, and unwavering work ethic set her apart. In 2003, she ventured into her solo career with the release of “Dangerously in Love,” which solidified her status as a global superstar. Beyonce’s contributions to R&B and pop music have earned her numerous Grammy Awards, making her an enduring force in the industry.

2. Ed Sheeran: The Sensational Songwriter

  • Origin: Framlingham, Suffolk, England
  • Genre: Pop, Folk
  • Launch Date: 2005

Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In The World

Ed Sheeran, a native of Framlingham, Suffolk, England, possesses a remarkable gift for crafting poignant lyrics and melodies. His musical journey began in 2005, and it was his 2011 debut album, “+,” that catapulted him to international fame. Sheeran’s ability to connect with audiences through his storytelling has garnered him a global following. He effortlessly blends pop and folk influences, creating a unique sonic signature that resonates with fans worldwide.

3. Taylor Swift: From Country to Pop Royalty

  • Origin: Reading, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Genre: Country, Pop
  • Launch Date: 2006

Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In The World

Taylor Swift, a Pennsylvania native, embarked on her musical journey in Reading, Pennsylvania. She initially gained recognition as a country artist, releasing her self-titled debut album in 2006. Swift’s music evolved as she seamlessly transitioned from country to pop, solidifying her status as a versatile artist. Her introspective songwriting, chart-topping hits, and fearless approach to her craft have garnered her a dedicated fan base and multiple Grammy Awards.

4. Drake: The Rap Game Changer

  • Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B
  • Launch Date: 2006

Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In The World

Drake, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, made waves in the music industry with his innovative blend of hip-hop and R&B. His journey began in 2006, and his mixtape “Room for Improvement” marked his entry into the rap scene. Drake’s lyrical prowess, relatable storytelling, and chart-topping hits have solidified him as a game-changer in the rap genre. His influence extends beyond music, making him a cultural icon.

5. Adele: The Voice of Emotion

  • Origin: Tottenham, London, England
  • Genre: Soul, Pop
  • Launch Date: 2008

Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In The World

Adele, a native of Tottenham, London, possesses a voice that resonates with raw emotion. Her debut album, “19,” released in 2008, marked the inception of a remarkable career. Adele’s authenticity, powerful vocals, and deeply personal lyrics have resonated with audiences worldwide, earning her critical acclaim and multiple Grammy Awards. Her music transcends genres, making her a beloved figure in both soul and pop music.

6. Justin Bieber: Teenage Sensation Turned Superstar

  • Origin: Stratford, Ontario, Canada
  • Genre: Pop, R&B
  • Launch Date: 2009

Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In The World

Justin Bieber’s journey began in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. He gained early recognition through his viral performances on YouTube, leading to a record deal. His debut album, “My World,” released in 2009, catapulted him to teenage sensation status. Bieber’s musical evolution from a teen idol to a global superstar is evident in his chart-topping hits and sold-out concerts worldwide.

7. Ariana Grande: The Vocal Powerhouse

  • Origin: Boca Raton, Florida, USA
  • Genre: Pop, R&B
  • Launch Date: 2013

Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In The World

Ariana Grande, originally from Boca Raton, Florida, is renowned for her extraordinary vocal range. Her journey into the music industry took off with the release of her debut album, “Yours Truly,” in 2013. Grande’s ability to effortlessly hit high notes and her chart-topping hits have solidified her status as one of the music industry’s leading voices.

8. The Weeknd: Blending Genres and Breaking Records

  • Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Genre: R&B, Pop
  • Launch Date: 2010

Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In The World

The Weeknd, born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, achieved fame with his unique blend of R&B and pop. His debut mixtape, “House of Balloons,” in 2010 signaled the start of a genre-blurring career. The Weeknd’s distinctive sound, mysterious persona, and chart-topping hits have made him a global sensation. He has consistently broken records and pushed the boundaries of music.

9. Billie Eilish: A New Wave of Pop

  • Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Genre: Pop, Alternative
  • Launch Date: 2015

Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In The World

Billie Eilish, hailing from Los Angeles, California, has ushered in a new wave of pop music. Her debut single “Ocean Eyes” in 2015 garnered significant attention. Eilish’s genre-defying sound, thought-provoking lyrics, and artistic vision have earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. She has become an influential figure in the music industry at a young age.

10. BTS: The Global Phenomenon

  • Origin: Seoul, South Korea
  • Genre: K-pop, Pop
  • Launch Date: 2013

Top 10 Most Popular Musicians In The World

BTS, from Seoul, South Korea, is widely recognized as the first K-pop group to achieve global fame and success. Their journey began in 2013, and they have since become a global phenomenon, breaking language barriers and setting numerous records. BTS’s music transcends genres, and their impact on the global music industry is undeniable.


Q: Who is the youngest artist on this list?

Billie Eilish, born in 2001, is the youngest artist on this list.

Q: What is BTS’s influence on K-pop?

BTS has played a significant role in popularizing K-pop on the global stage and breaking into international markets.

Q: Which artist has won the most Grammy Awards on this list?

Beyonce has won the most Grammy Awards among these artists, with numerous accolades to her name.

Q: What is Ed Sheeran’s most-streamed song on music platforms?

Ed Sheeran’s song “Shape of You” is one of his most-streamed songs on music platforms.

Q: How many albums has Taylor Swift released to date?

Taylor Swift has released several albums, with “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” being one of her recent releases.

Q: Which song catapulted Drake to international recognition?

Drake gained international recognition with his hit single “Best I Ever Had.”


In the ever-evolving world of music, these top 10 most popular musicians have carved out their unique spaces, captivating hearts and minds across the globe. Their journeys, from diverse origins to global stardom, serve as testaments to the power of music to transcend borders and connect people on a profound level.

As the music industry continues to evolve, these musicians remind us of the enduring power of melodies and lyrics to inspire, console, and unite people worldwide. The top 10 most popular musicians in the world are not just artists; they are cultural icons whose music has become a soundtrack to our lives.

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