10 things you didn't know about Angelina Jolie

1. Pilot's license

Angelina Jolie holds a pilot's license, showcasing her adventurous side and humanitarian efforts.

2. Humanitarian icon

Beyond acting, Jolie is a dedicated humanitarian, championing various causes globally.

3. Multilingual talent

Fluent in multiple languages, Jolie's linguistic skills bridge cultures and connect with diverse audiences.

4. Educational pursuits

She pursued education while excelling in her acting career, studying diverse disciplines.

5. Unconventional hobbies

Jolie's interests span collecting knives, ancient artifacts, and vintage cars.

6. Martial artist

She's a skilled martial artist, mastering various fighting techniques for her movie roles.

7. Tattoo stories

Jolie's tattoos tell a personal story, conveying her values and experiences.

8. Wildlife advocate

Jolie actively supports wildlife conservation and uses her influence to protect animals.

9. Double mastectomy

Her courageous decision to undergo this procedure raised awareness about women's health.

10. Film industry impact

Jolie's versatile acting, directing, and advocacy for diversity left an enduring mark.