10 Things You Didn't Know About Marie Curie

Family of Scholars


Marie Curie's love for science stemmed from her family's dedication to education, with both parents being teachers.

Multilingual Scientist


Beyond her groundbreaking research, Marie Curie was a polyglot, proficient in Polish, French, German, and Russian.

The First Nobel Prize


In 1903, Marie Curie won her first Nobel Prize in Physics, becoming the first woman ever honored with this prestigious award.

Selfless Dedication


Despite health risks, Marie Curie persisted in her research on radioactivity.

Offering Her Medals


During World War I, she offered to melt her Nobel medals to fund the war, later donating her prize money for war bonds.

Radium Fundraising


Marie Curie used radium's luminescent properties for public fundraising events, supporting her research and the war effort.

A Persistent Innovator


She pioneered the use of X-rays in cancer treatment, shaping modern radiation therapy.

The Element Curium


An element, curium (Cm), was named in her honor, signifying her enduring scientific legacy.

Legacy of Female Scientists


Marie Curie's achievements broke gender barriers and continue to inspire women in STEM fields.

World War I Hero


She established radiological centers and trained women as aides, saving countless lives during World War I.