iPhone 15 Pro Max: Launch Date and Unexpected Delay

Apple's upcoming iPhone announcement includes the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which might face a delay in its launch.

The anticipated Apple special event is set for Tuesday, September 12, at 10AM Pacific. It will be a pre-recorded keynote presented online from the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, Cupertino.

The announcement of the special event is expected to occur next week, possibly on Wednesday, August 30, or Thursday, August 31.

The keynote will unveil four new iPhones and two new Apple Watches. The iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, and iPhone 15 Pro will be available for purchase on Friday, September 22, with pre-orders starting on Friday, September 15.

However, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is likely to experience a delay due to a component shortage. This exclusive component will likely lead to the Pro Max's release being pushed to early to mid-October.

All four iPhones will be revealed simultaneously, and Apple might have limited stocks for the Pro Max, possibly avoiding a separate on-sale date announcement.

Customers looking to order the iPhone 15 Pro Max might face shipping delays, causing their orders to be scheduled for October. .

The delay is attributed to a Sony image sensor that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature. This sensor enables a periscope camera for an extended focal length, enhancing the telephoto lens's zoom capabilities..

The distinction between the Pro and Pro Max iPhones, especially in terms of camera capabilities, is not new. The Pro Max typically offers the most advanced features among iPhones..

If accurate, the Pro Max might go on sale on either Friday, October 6, or Friday, October 13. Apple could announce a separate date for the Pro Max's availability during the keynote presentation.