The Top Ten Richest Celebrity Chefs in the World

Alan Wong


Worth $1.1 billion, it began as a dishwasher and now boasts a successful restaurant in Honolulu known for its fusion of Hawaiian and Asian flavors.

Kimbal Musk


Worth $500 million, co-founded The Kitchen Group, focuses on local ingredients, advocates food education with Big Green.

Jamie Oliver


British chef worth $300 million, opened Fifteen, a restaurant that trains disadvantaged youth. His cooking shows and cookbooks. 

Gordon Ramsay


Scottish chef worth $220 million, started with humble beginnings, eventually earning three Michelin stars for his restaurant.

Nobu Matsuhisa


Japanese-American chef worth $200 million, a pioneer of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, has 50+ global restaurants, known for innovation and De Niro friendship.

Wolfgang Puck


Austrian-American chef, worth $120 million, founded Spago in LA, famous for California cuisine, with restaurants, TV shows, cookbooks, and food products.

Rachael Ray


American chef worth $100 million, gained fame with her show "30 Minute Meals" and authored over 20 cookbooks. 

Emeril Lagasse


Worth $70 million, made a name with Creole-inspired cuisine and his catchphrase "Bam!" He has restaurants and hosts cooking shows.

Bobby Flay


Worth $60 million, opened Mesa Grill in NYC, known for Southwestern cuisine. TV shows like Iron Chef America and Beat Bobby Flay.

Ina Garten


American chef worth $60 million, hosts the show "Barefoot Contessa" and has authored bestselling cookbooks, for elegant recipes.