Top 10 Signs of Diabetes in Dogs

Excessive Thirst & Urination


Dog drinks more, pees frequently? It might be diabetes. An early vet visit is needed for proper care.

Weight Loss and Increased Appetite


Robust appetite but losing weight? It may signal diabetes. Swift vet attention crucial for examination.

Peeing More Frequently


Increased urination, thirst, and lethargy? Act fast for a vet check. Early diagnosis is key for diabetes care.

Lethargy And Weakness


Lack of energy in dogs? Could be diabetes. Recognize early signs for prompt vet attention and intervention.

Sweet-Smelling Breath


Fruity breath in your dog? Hidden clue of diabetes. Consult your vet for a blood test if paired with other symptoms.

Cloudy Eyes


Cloudy eyes may indicate diabetes. Vet check essential for a comprehensive eye exam and your dog's overall well-being.

Recurring Infections


Persistent infections may signal diabetes. Vet advice crucial for accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment.

Slow-Healing Wounds


Sluggish wound healing? A hidden symptom of diabetes. Prompt vet attention is essential for proper care.

Vomiting And Diarrhea


Digestive issues? It could hint at diabetes. Vet consultation needed for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Difficulty Getting Up Or Down


Mobility struggles? It may indicate diabetes affecting joints. Early vet attention crucial for examination and treatment.