Top Ten ALS Celebrities Who Are Raising Awareness

1. Stephen Hawking

Despite ALS, physicist Stephen Hawking championed awareness and science. His story and contributions inspire millions worldwide.

2. Pete Frates

Ex-baseball player Pete Frates ignited the viral Ice Bucket Challenge, uniting people globally against ALS.

3. Pat Quinn

ALS patient Pat Quinn, with Pete Frates, co-invented the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, raising vital research funds.

4. ALS Association Ambassadors

Celebrities like Bryan Cranston, Courteney Cox, and Renee Zellweger spotlight ALS issues and research needs.

5. Steve Gleason

Former NFL player Steve Gleason battles ALS, promoting hope and enhancing patient lives through technology.

6. O.J. Brigance

Former NFL athlete O.J. Brigance advocates for ALS patients, emphasizing health and research.

7. Augie Nieto

Augie Nieto, with ALS, initiates Auggie’s Quest, uniting fitness enthusiasts and others in ALS research support.

8. John Stone

Filmmaker John Stone's "Gleason" documentary fosters empathy for ALS patients, highlighting support needs.

9. Calum Best

Model and TV personality Calum Best raises ALS awareness and inspires support through his influential platform.

10. Nanci Ryder

Late Hollywood publicist Nanci Ryder's journey sparks essential conversations and drives ALS awareness and support.

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