Top Ten Cocktail Bars in the USA

1. The Dead Rabbit – NY City

Founded in 2013, Celebrates Irish culture with cocktails and whiskey. Named world's best bar in 2016.

2. The NoMad – New York City

Opened in 2012, Stylish with global-inspired cocktails using seasonal ingredients. Best American bar in 2016.

3. The Aviary – Chicago

Since 2015, Famous for molecular cocktails and innovative ingredients. World's best bar in 2017.

4. The Vesper – New York City

Opened in 2016, Specializes in classic cocktails with fresh ingredients, inspired by James Bond.

5. Death & Co. - NY City & Los Angeles

Established in 2006, Creative seasonal cocktails with artisanal spirits, recognized as top-notch.

6. Bar Raval - San Francisco

Opened in 2015, Spanish-inspired cocktails with unique decor, known as a top US bar.

7. Beverage Director – Los Angeles

Opened in 2022, Focuses on quality and seasonal ingredients, gaining LA's attention.

8. The Tippler – Nashville

Since 2018, Serves classic cocktails with a Southern twist, gaining popularity in Nashville.

9. The Old Fashioned – Portland

Opened in 2017, Focuses on classic cocktails with quality ingredients, acclaimed in America.

10. The Candela Bar – Miami

Established in 2019, Offers vibrant Latin-inspired cocktails, gaining fame in Miami.