Top Ten Highest Paid NBA Players 2023-24

Stephen Curry


The highest-paid NBA player in 2023-24, Curry's $51,915,615 salary mirrors his value to the Warriors. A four-time NBA champ and two-time MVP.

Kevin Durant


Durant's $47,649,433 contract with the Phoenix Suns reflects his scoring prowess and four NBA titles, positioning him as the franchise player.

LeBron James 


James commands $47,607,350 with the Lakers. With four NBA championships, his contract mirrors his role as the Lakers' franchise player and global icon.

Joel Embiid 


Embiid's $47,607,350 contract with the 76ers showcases his two-time scoring champion status, pivotal for Philadelphia's success.

Nikola Jokic 


Jokic's $47,607,350 contract with the Nuggets emphasizes his importance as the franchise player and a versatile big man with two NBA MVP titles.

Bradley Beal


Beal's $46,741,590 contract with the Suns highlights his role as the starting shooting guard and a key scorer with championship potential.

Paul George


George's $45,640,084 contract with the Clippers underscores his versatility and scoring ability, crucial for the team's success.

Kawhi Leonard


Leonard's $45,640,084 contract with the Clippers highlights his status as a two-time NBA champion and Defensive Player of the Year.

Giannis Antetokounmpo 


Giannis' $45,640,084 contract with the Bucks reflects his dominance with two NBA MVPs, making him the franchise player.

Damian Lillard 


Lillard's $45,640,084 contract with the Trail Blazers emphasizes his scoring prowess, six-time All-Star status, and leadership in playoff contention.