Top ten Myths About Electric Vehicle Maintenance Busted

EVs Need Regular Check-Ups


Low maintenance, but not maintenance-free. Regular battery, tire, and brake checks are crucial for smooth rides and cost-effective upkeep.

EV Batteries Last Longer


Modern EV batteries last a decade or more, with separate warranties. They're reliable, recyclable, and far from a ticking time bomb.

Frequent Charging Won't Harm


No harm in nightly charges! Modern lithium-ion batteries are smart; stay between 20% and 80% for optimal battery life.

EV Maintenance is Affordable


Contrary to belief, EV maintenance is economical. With fewer parts, no oil changes, and regenerative braking, costs stay low.

DIY Repairs Warranty


Fear not DIY lovers! Minor tasks won't void warranties. Stick to guidelines and leave complex issues to certified professionals.

EVs are Safe 


EVs are as safe as traditional vehicles. Strict safety measures, insulation, and advanced systems protect passengers and responders.

EVs Thrive in Cold Climates


Cold won't render EVs impractical. With preheating and advanced thermal management, they withstand diverse climates.

Environmentally Friendly


Debunking skeptics! Studies show EVs contribute less pollution than internal combustion vehicles over their lifecycle.

Software Updates 


Upgrade your EV's capabilities! Regular software updates enhance performance, security, and features for a cutting-edge experience.

EVs Cover Long Distances


Advancements in battery technology make EVs a viable option for various travel needs, offering over 400 miles on a single charge.

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