Top 10 Best Dog Sitting Apps in 2024

If you’re an animal lover, it doesn’t get much better than getting paid to hang out with pets all day. Services (via Dog Sitting Apps) like dog walking, check-ins, overnight boarding, and more are in high demand, but being a pet sitter is also quite competitive.

Job perks include setting your schedule and rates and choosing which jobs you’re interested in. The variety of pet-sitting apps and sites out there makes it easier than ever to land pet-sitting jobs. However, there are some upsides and downsides to them, depending on what you’re looking for.

Pet sitting apps can help pet owners find sitters and dog walkers, and they can also help pet sitters manage their businesses. Pet sitting apps can also help pet owners earn extra money. Pet sitting or boarding apps are a relatively new concept. A pet sitter’s job is to care for the pets while the owner is away. A pet sitter will stay at the owner’s home so that the pet can enjoy and relax on its turf, and the application adds convenience for the owners. Pet sitters provide care for all kinds of pets. However, cats and dogs remain their prime clientele. You can easily find pet sitters on various pet-sitting apps. 

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Top 10 Best Dog Sitting Apps in 2024

Welcoming a dog into your life comes with immense joy, but finding reliable care when you’re away is crucial. In 2024, technology will offer solutions through dog-sitting apps. Let’s explore the top 10 best dog-sitting apps that not only cater to your pet’s needs but also provide peace of mind for dog owners. Being a fur baby parent myself, I’ve listed a few of the apps I’ve used and found worth it. And if you are curious about how these apps work, just scroll to the end.

1. Rover app

Rover sits atop the pack of dog-sitting apps in 2024, a crown earned through its diverse service menu, rigorous sitter vetting, and unparalleled user experience. From playful walks and cozy drop-in visits to luxurious in-home boarding and convenient meet-and-greets, Rover caters to every dog’s (and owner’s) whim. Verified sitters, backed by background checks and glowing reviews, provide peace of mind, while real-time photo updates and GPS tracking keep hearts at ease.

Top 10 Best Dog Sitting Apps in 2024

Whether you’re a city slicker with a pup who craves urban exploration or a suburbanite seeking a nature-filled getaway for your furry friend, Rover’s intuitive app and flexible scheduling ensure a seamless booking process. So, ditch the dog kennel guilt and unleash the boundless fun of Rover—your pup’s ultimate adventure awaits!

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2. Wag! app

Wag! isn’t just a cutesy name; it’s a one-stop app for busy pet parents seeking on-demand dog care. Forget scrambling for last-minute walkers or stressing about boarding kennels; Wag! brings trusted, insured pet caregivers right to your doorstep. Need a midday potty break? Wag! It is. Planning a spontaneous weekend getaway? Wag! Boarding has your pup covered.

Top 10 Best Dog Sitting Apps in 2024

Whether it’s a quick walk around the block or a cozy overnight stay, Wag! offers GPS-tracked adventures, real-time updates, and in-app messaging for complete peace of mind. Plus, with over 400,000 pet caregivers across 5,300+ cities, there’s a wagging tail waiting to make your dog’s day, every day. So ditch the dog-sitting drama and let Wag! unleash the fun for your furry friend!

3. Sittercity app

Sittercity, nestled among the top dog-sitting apps for 2024, stands out for its focus on thorough vetting and community trust. Forget stressful late-night searches. Sittercity’s extensive network boasts verified sitters with comprehensive background checks and glowing reviews from fellow pet parents. Browse detailed profiles, explore experience levels, and connect directly with sitters who match your needs, from playful walks to overnight stays.

Top 10 Best Dog Sitting Apps in 2024

Secure messaging makes communication a breeze, while dedicated safety teams offer peace of mind. For those seeking more than just dog walkers, Sittercity caters to diverse pet families, providing care for senior dogs, cats, and even functional needs. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a longer adventure, Sittercity brings confidence and convenience to finding your furry friend’s perfect match. So, ditch the worry and let Sittercity connect you with paw-positive, personalized pet care you can trust.

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4. app

While Rover and Wag! might steal the spotlight in the dog-sitting app world, deserves a closer sniff. It’s not just for in-home childcare anymore. boasts a dedicated pet care section teeming with qualified dog sitters ready for walks, in-home boarding, and drop-in visits. Verified backgrounds, safety quizzes, and detailed profiles put pet owners at ease.

Top 10 Best Dog Sitting Apps in 2024

Plus, the familiar platform and competitive pricing make a compelling option for those already comfortable navigating its interface. So, if you’re seeking a reliable and user-friendly solution for your dog’s well-being, don’t overlook; it might just be the perfect pup-sized fit you’ve been looking for!

5. TrustedHousesitters app

For pet owners seeking an alternative to kennels, the Trusted Housesitters app offers a unique solution. Instead of confining your furry friend to unfamiliar surroundings, connect with passionate pet lovers through this platform who will care for your dog and watch over your home while you travel. Imagine your pup frolicking in a backyard with newfound friends, receiving love and attention in a comfortable home away from-home.

Top 10 Best Dog Sitting Apps in 2024

Not only does this alleviate the stress of pet boarding, but it also offers cost-effective accommodation in stunning locations around the world. Browse thousands of listings, connect with verified sitters boasting glowing reviews, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home and best friend are in good hands. So, unleash the adventure for both you and your furry companion with TrustedHousesitters, the app that turns house sitting into a win-win for pets, petsitters, and travel enthusiasts alike.

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6. Spot by Rover app

Rover, the trusted name in pet care, introduces its newest member: Spot by Rover. Imagine all the convenience and reliability you’ve come to expect from Rover, now optimized for on-demand dog walking and quick pet-sitting visits. Think spontaneous errands, extended workdays, or just a chance to pamper your pup with a mid-day adventure—Spot by Rover has you covered.

Top 10 Best Dog Sitting Apps in 2024

Book walks and visits as little as 30 minutes in advance, track your walker’s location in real-time and rest assured knowing Rover’s rigorous background checks and trusted sitter network are backing every wag and tail wag. So, grab your leash, download Spot, and unleash a world of worry-free pup pampering, on-demand!

7. PetBacker app

PetBacker stands out as a global haven for pet parents seeking worry-free adventures. Whether your pup seeks playful walks, a cozy home boarding experience, or dedicated care from certified professionals, PetBacker connects you with verified and insured sitters who shower your furry friend with love and personalized attention. No more kennel cages or impersonal care; PetBacker lets your dog stay in a familiar, home-like environment, basking in the warmth of individual care.

Top 10 Best Dog Sitting Apps in 2024

From daily photo updates and instant communication to convenient booking and secure payments, PetBacker offers a seamless experience, guaranteeing both your peace of mind and your dog’s tail-wagging joy. So, pack your bags, grab the leash, and discover a world of happy paws with PetBacker, your one-stop shop for Fido’s ultimate pet-sitting adventure.

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8. Meowtel app

For cat owners, leaving their furry friends behind can be stressful. Catteries often feel impersonal, and traditional sitters might not understand feline nuances. This is where Meowtel shines. This cat-centric app goes beyond dog-sitting adaptations, offering a tailored experience for your precious kitty. Meowtel connects you with vetted, cat-loving sitters who cater to your feline’s specific needs, from playtime and cuddles to medication administration and litter box maintenance.

Top 10 Best Dog Sitting Apps in 2024

Enjoy real-time updates, photos, and videos, knowing your fur baby is receiving personalized care in the comfort of their own home. So, skip the kennel anxiety and choose Meowtel, the app that understands that cats are truly special members of the family.

9. Pupford app

Pupford takes a holistic approach, offering not only walks and boarding but also in-depth training for pups of all ages. Imagine: your dog gets exercise, personalized attention, and maybe even learns a new trick while you’re away.

Top 10 Best Dog Sitting Apps in 2024

Whether you’re a new puppy parent navigating potty training or a seasoned owner facing barking challenges, Pupford connects you with expert trainers and a supportive community to help you and your furry friend thrive. So, unleash the potential of Pupford and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your dog is in good paws, both physically and mentally.

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10. Swiftdog app

Urban dog owners, rejoice! Swiftdog strides onto the scene as a contender in the bustling dog-sitting app arena. While giants like Rover and Wag! reign supreme, Swiftdog focuses on providing a streamlined experience for city dwellers and their four-legged friends.

Top 10 Best Dog Sitting Apps in 2024

No longer will you navigate endless profiles or wait days for a walk; Swiftdog boasts on-demand services, connecting you with local, qualified sitters in minutes. Need a midday romp in the park or a last-minute boarding solution? Swiftdog’s user-friendly interface makes booking a breeze, even when your schedule is as unpredictable as a squirrel on caffeine. Whether you’re chasing deadlines or exploring hidden alleys, Swiftdog ensures your urban pup isn’t left wanting exercise, attention, or loving care. So ditch the dog park frenzy and give Swiftdog a try—your city pup’s tail (and your sanity) will thank you.


Q: What are the most popular dog-sitting apps?

Rover, Wag!, Sittercity, and are big names, offering services like walks, boarding, and drop-in visits.

Q: What’s unique about Rover?

Diverse services (walking, boarding, drop-in), verified sitters, flexible sitter schedules, meet & greets.

Q: What does Wag! specialize in?

On-demand dog walking, real-time GPS tracking, in-home boarding, and pet sitting.

Q: What if I want someone to house-sit?

Check out TrustedHousesitters; it connects you with sitters who care for pets and your home.

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Q: Are these apps safe?

Most apps require background checks and offer pet insurance. Read reviews and meet sitters beforehand.

Q: How much do dog-sitting apps cost?

Rates vary by app, sitter, and service. Expect $25–50 per night for boarding and $25–30 per hour for walks.

Q: Any options for cat owners?

Yes! Meowtel is a cat-specific app with sitters experienced in kitty care.

Q: What if I live outside major cities?

Rover, PetBacker, and Pupford have wider coverage compared to Wag! or Swiftdog.

Q: Where can I find more information?

Each app has its own website and app store page with details and reviews.

Q: Any tips for choosing a dog sitter?

Read profiles, check reviews, consider your dog’s needs, and schedule a meet-and-greet before booking.


With the abundance of top-notch dog-sitting apps available, finding the ideal sitter for your furry companion has never been easier. Whether you need a quick walk, overnight boarding, or someone to watch your home and heart while you’re away, these apps connect pet owners with reliable and qualified sitters.

Whether you prioritize verified backgrounds from Rover, real-time GPS tracking from Wag!, or the unique house-sitting solution from TrustedHousesitters, there’s an app tailored to your needs. Remember, the best decision considers your dog’s personality, service requirements, and budget. Don’t hesitate to read reviews, meet potential sitters, and trust your gut to find the perfect match for your canine companion. With a little research and these top apps at your paws, you can ensure your dog enjoys a safe, happy, and personalized experience while you’re away. So, relax, book your sitter, and enjoy your worry-free adventure knowing your dog is in good hands!

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