Top 10 Biggest Silver Mining Companies in 2024

Silver mining companies are engaged in the exploration, development, and production of silver. Many companies in the silver mining industry also mine for other metals, such as gold, palladium, lead, and zinc. Many companies in the industry own and operate their mines and are directly involved in production. By contrast, streaming companies, as they are called, purchase silver from producers to profit from price appreciation.

Silver is considered a precious metal, as it’s regarded as rare and carries a high economic value. It can be found in jewelry, coins, and also in electronics because it has the highest electrical conductivity of any metal. Like other precious metals, silver is often purchased by investors as a Safe haven in times of economic turmoil.

Mining is crucial to supplying the essential raw materials required for infrastructure, technology, appliances, vehicles, and consumer goods globally. Choosing the right locations for mineral exploration and development depends on resource availability and a country’s mining policies.

The top mining jurisdictions in the world feature mineral-rich geology and mining-friendly governments. Leading mining countries include Australia, Chile, China, Russia, Canada, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), South Africa, and the United States. However, many nations face challenges like political instability, corruption, excessive taxes, inadequate infrastructure, and environmental damage that inhibit responsible resource development.

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Key Points

  • Demand is rising substantially for diverse metals like copper, lithium, nickel, cobalt, and rare earths to supply clean energy, EVs, batteries, and high-tech manufacturing. Supply limitations loom even at higher prices.
  • Declining discovery rates and lower ore grades mean new mines are harder and costlier to develop. Production may lag demand growth for many metals over this decade.
  • China dominates many mineral supply chains presently, but governance concerns prompt more regionalized production across North America, Australia, and Africa’s Copperbelt.
  • Supportive public policies are crucial for new mining projects, including efficient permitting, infrastructure access, fair deals, and community engagement. Governments play a pivotal role. In a supercycle driven by electrification and the global energy transformation, prices should stay high. Well-managed majors and juniors in stable jurisdictions can reward investors.

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Top 10 Biggest Silver Mining Companies in 2024

Welcome to the realm of silver mining, where giants of the industry strive to unearth one of the world’s most precious metals. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the top 10 biggest silver mining companies in 2024, exploring their operations, achievements, and contributions to the global silver market.

Top 10 Biggest Silver Mining Companies in 2024

1. Industrias Penoles SAB de CV (IPOAF)

Industrias Penoles SAB de CV (IPOAF), a prominent Mexican mining company, holds the top spot amongst the biggest silver miners globally in 2024. Beyond silver, Penoles refines metallic bismuth and sodium sulfate and produces gold, lead, and zinc. The company operates through four segments: precious metals, base metals, metallurgical, and others. Penoles boasts a long history, dating back to the 1880s, and is known for its commitment to sustainability, aiming to achieve 100% clean energy usage by 2028.

As a major player in the silver market, Penoles offers investors exposure to this valuable metal, used extensively in industries like electronics, solar panels, and electric vehicles. However, like any investment, potential investors should carefully consider the inherent risks associated with the mining industry, including fluctuations in metal prices, geopolitical instability, and environmental considerations.

2. Pan American Silver Corp. (PAAS)

Pan American Silver Corp. (PAAS), a Canadian mining company, stands out as a major player in the silver industry. Boasting the world’s largest silver reserves after it acquired Yamana Gold in 2023, PAAS focuses on silver production across its mines in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Canada. The company prioritizes operational efficiency, reflected in its low silver segment AISC (All-in Sustaining Costs) per ounce. With a strong focus on exploration and development, PAAS actively seeks to expand its resource base and production capacity, positioning itself for continued growth in the silver market.

As the demand for silver rises in various sectors like electronics, solar panels, and electric vehicles, PAAS is well-positioned to capitalize on this growing market opportunity. However, it’s crucial to remember that the company’s performance is tied to silver prices, which can be volatile, and investors should consider their risk tolerance before investing.

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3. Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (WPM)

Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (WPM) stands out among silver mining companies, operating as a leading precious metals streaming company. Unlike traditional miners who extract and sell metals themselves, WPM provides upfront financing to established mining companies in exchange for the right to purchase a portion of their future metal production at pre-determined prices. This unique model offers investors several advantages:

  • Reduced risk: WPM avoids the significant capital expenditures, operational risks, and environmental concerns associated with owning and operating mines.
  • Leverage to silver prices: WPM’s profits directly benefit from rising silver prices, as they pay a fixed cost per ounce and sell at market rates.
  • High-quality asset base: WPM boasts a portfolio of long-life, low-cost mines, ensuring a steady stream of silver deliveries.
  • Strong financials: WPM delivers impressive cash flow margins, allowing for consistent dividend payouts and potential for future acquisitions.

4. First Majestic Silver Corp. (FR)

First Majestic Silver Corp. (FR) stands out among the top silver mining companies for its significant exposure to the metal. Over half (51%) of the company’s revenue comes from silver, making it a strong option for investors seeking direct investment in silver’s potential. The company boasts a diverse portfolio of operating mines in Mexico and is actively exploring and developing new projects. Notably, La Encantada is one of their largest silver mines, contributing significantly to their overall production.

While silver prices can be volatile, First Majestic’s focus on silver positions them well to benefit from a potential rise in silver demand driven by its use in various industrial applications, its potential as a safe-haven asset, and its growing role in the green energy transition. As with any investment, thorough research and understanding of the associated risks, including those specific to the company and the broader silver market, are crucial before making any investment decisions.

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5. Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. (FSM)

Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. (FSM), a Canadian company, will rank among the top 10 biggest silver mining companies globally in 2024. They boast a diverse portfolio of five operating mines in Argentina, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Mexico, and Peru, producing gold, silver, lead, and zinc. Committed to sustainability, Fortuna prioritizes environmental protection, social responsibility, and ethical mining practices across their operations.

The company’s robust exploration pipeline focuses on identifying new growth opportunities in the Americas and West Africa. As of February 2024, Fortuna’s market capitalization positions them as a significant player in the precious metals sector, offering investors exposure to both silver and gold production with a focus on responsible mining practices.

6. Hecla Mining Company (HL)

Hecla Mining Company (HL) stands as the largest primary silver producer in the United States, boasting over 130 years of experience in the mining industry. Established in 1891, they operate mines in Alaska, Idaho, Quebec (Canada), and Yukon Territory (Canada), contributing over 45% of the nation’s total silver production. Beyond silver, Hecla also extracts lead, zinc, and gold.

They differentiate themselves through geographically diverse operations, deep mine reserves, high-quality output, and a commitment to returning value to shareholders through their dividend strategy. As the demand for silver surges in various sectors like electronics, solar panels, and electric vehicles, Hecla positions itself as a key player in this growing market, offering potential opportunities for investors seeking exposure to the silver industry.

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7. Coeur Mining, Inc. (CDE)

Coeur Mining, Inc. (CDE) stands as a prominent player in the North American silver mining landscape. Ranking #7 amongst the world’s biggest silver mining companies by market cap, CDE boasts a diversified portfolio of four wholly-owned mines located across the United States, Mexico, and Bolivia. These mines produce silver alongside gold, zinc, and lead, offering investors exposure to a basket of valuable metals.

Notably, CDE recently witnessed a successful year in 2023, highlighted by a significant production increase at their expanded Rochester mine in Nevada and a record cash flow year at the Wharf mine in South Dakota. With a focus on responsible mining practices and a commitment to “America’s premier, growing provider of precious and critical metals,” CDE positions itself as a potential investment option for those seeking exposure to the silver market and its future potential.

8. KGHM Polska Miedz SA (KGCHM)

KGHM Polska Miedz SA, or KGCHM, is a Polish multinational mining corporation established in 1961. Holding the title of the world’s largest silver producer and boasting a prominent position in the global copper market, KGCHM operates mines and processing facilities across four continents. With a strong workforce of over 34,000 employees, they extract and process precious natural resources like copper, silver, and other metals.

Their commitment to sustainable development is reflected in their environmental policies and community engagement initiatives. As a major player in the mining industry, KGCHM looks towards the future with a focus on responsible resource development and maintaining its position as a global leader in copper and silver production.

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9. Fresnillo PLC (FRES)

Fresnillo PLC (FRES), a Mexican company, holds the title of the world’s largest silver producer and ranks as one of Mexico’s biggest gold producers. Traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), Fresnillo boasts a strong track record, having debuted on the LSE in 2008 after a successful history in the mining sector.

The company prides itself on its world-class assets, including the largest primary silver mine globally. Additionally, Fresnillo possesses a compelling portfolio of development projects and exploration prospects, solidifying its position as a key player in the future of silver production. With a commitment to sustainability at its core, Fresnillo strives to contribute to the well-being of communities while delivering value through responsible mining practices.

10. SSR Mining Inc. (SSRM)

SSR Mining Inc. (SSRM) stands as a leading free cash flow-focused intermediate gold company, boasting a diversified portfolio of high-quality, long-life assets. Its reach extends beyond borders, encompassing four producing mines in the USA, Turkey, Canada, and Argentina. Notably, SSRM consistently delivers over 700,000 gold equivalent ounces annually across these locations.

Beyond its established operations, SSRM possesses a global pipeline brimming with promising development and exploration assets. This strategic approach positions them for future growth and continued success within the precious metals industry. As a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ and TSX under the symbol SSRM, they offer investors a chance to participate in their journey of delivering mining excellence.

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Q: What are some factors driving the growth of the silver mining industry?

Several factors are contributing to the silver market’s potential growth, including:

  • Increasing demand from industrial applications: silver plays a crucial role in various sectors like electronics, solar panels, and electric vehicles, leading to rising demand.
  • Potential for silver as a safe-haven asset: During economic uncertainties, investors often turn to precious metals like silver, seeking stability.
  • Limited supply and potential for future scarcity: Silver resources are finite, and new mine discoveries are becoming less frequent, potentially impacting long-term supply.

Q: What are the risks associated with investing in silver mining companies?

While silver offers potential rewards, investing in mining companies comes with inherent risks, such as:

  • Fluctuations in silver prices: The value of mining companies is directly tied to the price of silver, which can experience significant volatility.
  • Geopolitical and economic instability: Mining operations can be impacted by political unrest, changes in government regulations, and economic downturns in specific regions.
  • Environmental concerns: Mining activities can have environmental implications, which can lead to regulatory hurdles and public opposition.

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Q: How can I stay informed about the performance of these silver mining companies?

Several resources can help you stay updated on the performance of these companies:

  • Company websites and investor relations sections: These platforms offer the latest news, financial reports, and presentations.
  • Financial news websites and publications: Stay updated on industry news, market analysis, and expert opinions.
  • Stock market websites and apps: These platforms provide real-time stock quotes, charts, and historical data.

Q: Is it wise to invest in individual silver mining companies, or should I consider broader options?

This decision depends on your individual risk tolerance and investment goals. Investing in individual companies offers potentially higher returns but also carries higher risk due to company-specific factors. Diversifying through exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that provide exposure to a basket of silver mining companies can offer a more balanced approach with potentially lower risk.

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Q: Are there any ethical considerations when investing in silver mining companies?

Ethical considerations can be relevant when investing in any industry. It’s important to research a company’s environmental practices, labor standards, and commitment to sustainable mining practices to align your investments with your values.


In conclusion, the top 10 biggest silver mining companies in 2024 represent the pinnacle of excellence and innovation in the industry. With a steadfast commitment to operational excellence, sustainability, and value creation, these companies continue to drive growth and prosperity in the global silver market, shaping the future of mining for generations to come.

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