Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ice Spice

Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Ice Spice

Ice Spice, the Bronx-born rapper with icy flows and catchy hooks, is more than just a viral sensation. Under the self-assured lyrics lies a journey many might not know. Ice Spice, whose real name is Isis Gaston, comes from a musical background; her father was a rapper, though she only discovered his music later. College life at SUNY Purchase wasn’t just about academics; it’s where she met her producer, Ryotusa. While “Munch” launched her to stardom, her musical inspirations range from Nicki Minaj to even a brief stint admiring her dad’s music.

Despite the fame, Ice Spice still dreams of collaborating with Rihanna someday. And though she might exude confidence in her lyrics, there’s a surprising fact: she once got stressed after just one sip of wine! From balancing school with music to the industry co-signs from Drake and Lil Nas X, Ice Spice’s story is far from over. This rising star is just getting started, leaving us eager to see what icy rhymes and untold stories come next.

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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ice Spice

Ice Spice has taken the music world by storm with her infectious beats, spicy lyrics, and undeniable confidence. But beyond the viral hits and “Munch” obsession, there’s more to this Bronx-born rapper than meets the eye. Dive into our top 10 list and discover the surprising facts, hidden talents, and musical inspirations that make Ice Spice the hottest newcomer in the industry. From her family ties to her dream collaborations, get ready to see Ice Spice in a whole new light.

Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Ice Spice

1. Family Flow: From Underground Raps to Icy Inspiration

Ice Spice, the queen of catchy hooks and effortless confidence, wasn’t born into the spotlight. But music flowed through her family like a hidden melody. While her real name, Isis Gaston, might not have the same ring, her father was an underground rapper during her childhood. Interestingly, she only discovered his music later in life. This hidden chapter adds a new dimension to Ice Spice’s story. Was it the faint echoes of her dad’s rhymes that sparked her lyrical passion?

Did witnessing his dedication to the craft subconsciously plant a seed in her young mind? The influence might not have been immediate, but the connection to music through her family undeniably played a role in shaping Ice Spice’s journey. Today, she’s carved her path in the industry, but the subtle influence of that underground rapper, her father, adds a unique layer to the icy phenomenon we know and love.

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2. College Collaborative: Beats Born in the Classroom

While textbooks and lectures filled most of her days at SUNY Purchase, Ice Spice, then Isis Gaston, wasn’t just there for the academics. Fate intervened in the form of a classmate named Ryotusa. This chance encounter in the halls of Purchase College blossomed into a musical partnership that would change both their lives. Ryotusa, an aspiring producer, recognized the spark in Isis’ lyrics and rapping ability. They started collaborating, with Ryotusa crafting the infectious beats that would become Ice Spice’s signature sound.

Fueled by late-night dorm room sessions and shared creative energy, they honed their skills together. This SUNY Purchase connection wasn’t just about classes; it was the incubator where Ice Spice’s sound was born. Ryotusa’s production magic intertwined with Ice Spice’s raw talent, and together they laid the foundation for the icy flow that would take the world by storm. From dorm room beats to sold-out shows, their college collaboration proves the power of connection and the unexpected places where musical magic can strike.

3. More Than “Munch”: Unveiling the Layers of Ice Spice

Ice Spice is the name on everyone’s lips, but there’s more to the Bronx rapper than the viral hit “Munch.” Born Isis Gaston, music wasn’t always front and center. Though she later discovered her father’s rap career, her creative spark ignited while balancing studies at SUNY Purchase. There, she met Ryotusa, the producer who would craft the beats for her signature sound. “Munch” may have launched her into stardom, but Ice Spice’s musical tapestry is woven with threads of influence from Nicki Minaj to a newfound appreciation for her dad’s music. Beyond music, she harbors a dream collaboration with Rihanna, a testament to her diverse taste.

While her lyrics ooze confidence, a surprising fact emerges: she’s admitted to feeling stressed after just a sip of wine! This depth extends to her personality. Ice Spice describes herself as a triple threat: “gorgeous, confident, and witty.” And let’s not forget her way with words. From quotable anthems like “How can I lose if I’m already chosen?” to the inescapable “Munch (Munch, munch, munch),” Ice Spice is a viral wordsmith. With her talent, ambition, and surprising layers, Ice Spice is more than just a one-hit wonder. She’s a rising star poised to redefine the rap game, one catchy verse at a time.

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4. Rihanna Remix? Ice Spice: Manifesting a Dream Collaboration

Ice Spice might rap about icy stares and boss moves, but beneath the confident exterior lies a genuine fangirl. One name consistently tops her list for a dream collaboration: Rihanna. It’s no surprise—Rihanna’s genre-bending career, from island pop anthems to club bangers, has influenced countless artists. While Ice Spice’s sound leans more towards hip-hop, there’s a clear bridge between their appeals—both ooze confidence, dominate stages and rewrite rules. Imagine the firepower of a song that combines Ice Spice’s witty wordplay with Rihanna’s smooth vocals; it would be a guaranteed chart-topper.

This potential collaboration isn’t just wishful thinking. With Ice Spice’s rising stardom and Rihanna’s return to music after a hiatus, the possibility feels closer than ever. And who knows, maybe a track with Ice Spice could be the next “Work” or “Umbrella,” solidifying Ice Spice’s place in the music industry and marking a new era for Rihanna’s reign. One thing’s for sure: the music world is eagerly waiting to see if this dream team becomes a reality.

5. Wine, Not: Ice Spice’s Surprising Sip

Ice Spice might ooze confidence in her lyrics, but here’s a fact that might melt your expectations. In a now-famous clip from an “Expensive Taste Test” challenge, Ice Spice took a single sip of wine and, well, got stressed. This seemingly trivial detail has sparked amusement online, creating a humorous contrast to her usual bravado. However, it also offers a glimpse into the person behind the persona. Ice Spice’s journey to rap stardom involved balancing college studies with music creation, showcasing her dedication and work ethic.

Perhaps the stress of the taste test—a situation outside her comfort zone—is a relatable reminder that even the most confident stars have their moments of vulnerability. This humanizing detail only adds to Ice Spice’s appeal, proving that beneath the icy exterior lies a relatable young woman navigating the whirlwind of fame—and maybe she’s just not a fan of wine.

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6. Balancing Act: From Textbooks to Trap Beats

Ice Spice, the queen of catchy hooks and icy flows, wasn’t always on the fast track to rap stardom. Before the sold-out shows and viral fame, Isis Gaston, as she was known then, balanced her studious life with the rhythm of her rhymes. Enrolled at SUNY Purchase, she wasn’t just hitting the books but also connecting with the music producer who would shape her sound, Ryotusa. This period wasn’t just about lectures and exams; it was a time of dedication, juggling academic pursuits with the burning passion to make music.

This balancing act wasn’t easy, but it speaks volumes about Ice Spice’s determination. She wasn’t willing to sacrifice one dream for the other, and it’s this same hustle that’s propelling her to the top of the music scene. While some might have focused solely on textbooks, Ice Spice knew verses were waiting to be written, a testament to the resilience and focus that have become hallmarks of her journey.

7. Co-Signed by the Big Names

Ice Spice’s rise to fame wasn’t purely organic. In the cutthroat world of hip-hop, the validation of established stars holds immense weight. Ice Spice received just that when none other than Drake began following her on social media and even reportedly DMed her about her breakout hit, “Munch.” This co-sign from hip-hop royalty sent shockwaves through the industry, instantly boosting Ice Spice’s credibility and propelling her into the spotlight. But Drake wasn’t the only A-lister to take notice.

Lil Nas X, known for pushing boundaries and celebrating new talent, publicly praised Ice Spice, further solidifying her position as a force to be reckoned with. These co-signs are more than just a celebrity shoutout; they’re a testament to Ice Spice’s raw talent and infectious energy. With the backing of industry giants, Ice Spice’s future is brimming with possibilities. It’ll be exciting to see how she leverages this support and carves her unique path in the ever-evolving world of hip-hop.

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8. From “Buss It” to Breakout: Ice Spice’s Rise to Rap Royalty

Ice Spice’s path to rap stardom wasn’t paved overnight. Though “Munch” solidified her as the queen of catchy drill anthems, her journey began with a viral moment on TikTok. In 2021, pre-fame Ice Spice hopped on the “Buss It” challenge craze, showcasing the moves that would later fuel her signature confident lyrics. This taste of internet fame sparked a creative fire. She linked up with producer Ryotusa, a fellow student at SUNY Purchase, and together they crafted the icy flow that defines her sound. “Munch” wasn’t just a song; it was a cultural phenomenon.

The track’s infectious hook and quotable lyrics (“Munch, munch, munch”) took over social media, with everyone from fans to celebrities freestyling and dancing to the beat. This meteoric rise caught the attention of rap heavyweights like Drake and Lil Nas X, solidifying Ice Spice’s place as a force to be reckoned with. From a college student participating in a viral challenge to a chart-topping artist, Ice Spice’s story is a testament to the power of social media and the unwavering pursuit of a dream.

9. Brainy Beauty: Ice Spice Beyond the Bars

Ice Spice isn’t just a rapper with icy flows; beneath the catchy hooks lies a sharp mind. While details about her academic background are private, she balanced her musical passion with college studies at SUNY Purchase, proving you can chase both dreams. This drive extends beyond the classroom. Isis Gaston, the name on her birth certificate, hints at a deeper well of knowledge. She describes herself as “gorgeous, confident, and witty,” a triple threat that goes beyond the music.

Her lyrics showcase this wit, with clever wordplay and quotable lines like “How can I lose if I’m already chosen?” This confidence isn’t just an act; Ice Spice has spoken about the importance of self-belief and feeling comfortable in your skin. Whether it’s aced classes, witty lyricism, or self-assured swagger, Ice Spice is a shining example that beauty and brains can coexist.

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10. Queen of Catchphrases: Ice Spice’s Words Take Over

Ice Spice isn’t just a rapper with fire beats; she’s a master of crafting quotable lyrics that have the internet buzzing. Lines like “How can I lose if I’m already chosen?” ooze confidence and self-belief, resonating with fans who find power in her affirmations. But it’s her signature “Munch (Munch, munch, munch)” that truly took the internet by storm. Simple yet undeniably catchy, the phrase transcended the song, becoming a ubiquitous internet meme. From social media challenges to remixes, “Munch” is a testament to Ice Spice’s ability to turn a lyric into a cultural phenomenon. And it doesn’t stop there.

Phrases like “Big drip, big bank” and “Walkin’ in my truth” showcase her knack for weaving wordplay and self-assured statements that empower and entertain. Ice Spice’s wordplay isn’t just about catchy hooks; it’s about capturing a mood, an attitude, and a way of life. She’s more than a rapper; she’s a queen, coining the phrases that define a generation.


Q: Who is Ice Spice’s dad?

Ice Spice, real name Isis Gaston, comes from a musical background. Her father was a rapper, although she only discovered his music later in life.

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Q: Before “Munch,” what was Ice Spice known for?

Believe it or not, Ice Spice had a viral moment before “Munch” took over the internet. Back in 2021, she gained recognition for her take on the “Buss It” challenge.

Q: Who are Ice Spice’s musical inspirations?

Ice Spice draws influence from a variety of artists. She cites Nicki Minaj as a major inspiration and even credits her own dad’s music as a later influence.

Q: Does Ice Spice have any dream collaborations?

Despite her icy demeanor in her raps, Ice Spice has a soft spot for Rihanna. Collaborating with the Barbadian singer is a dream for the rising star.

Q: Is Ice Spice all about music?

Ice Spice is more than just rhymes and beats. She’s described herself as “gorgeous, confident, and witty,” proving there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Q: What’s the deal with ice, spice, and wine?

This one might surprise you! Despite her seemingly fearless persona, Ice Spice reportedly once got stressed out after just one sip of wine.


Ice Spice is more than just the catchy lyrics and viral fame that brought her to the spotlight. From her surprising family ties to her well-rounded personality, this rising star has a story that extends beyond the music. Whether it’s her dedication to balancing education with her passion or the industry giants recognizing her talent, Ice Spice is proving she’s here to stay. With a unique sound, a captivating presence, and a hint of hidden vulnerability, Ice Spice’s journey is far from over. We can’t wait to see what icy rhymes and untold stories this future icon delivers next.

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