Top 10 Biggest Shipping Companies in 2024

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Top 10 Biggest Shipping Companies in 2024

The shipping industry is the foundation of international trade. The movement of goods across continents depends on a seamless and efficient supply chain. The biggest shipping companies worldwide are among the most essential players in this industry. They operate giant container ships that travel the oceans to connect manufacturers and customers worldwide. Shipping companies are increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices and technologies to minimize their environmental footprint. This includes investing in fuel-efficient vessels, implementing emission reduction measures, and exploring alternative fuels such as LNG (liquefied natural gas) and biofuels.

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Some of the main challenges faced by shipping companies in 2024 include rising fuel prices, supply chain disruptions, environmental regulations, and geopolitical tensions. Additionally, technological advancements and digitalization are transforming the industry landscape, presenting both opportunities and challenges for stakeholders.

The global shipping industry is central to driving international trade and economic growth by transporting commodities and products between virtually every nation. Without the shipping industry, the efficient movement of goods across the globe would simply not be possible.

Top 10 Biggest Shipping Companies in 2024

In the dynamic realm of global trade, shipping companies play a pivotal role in facilitating the movement of goods across oceans and continents. As we navigate through 2024, it’s imperative to stay informed about the leading players dominating the shipping industry. Join us as we embark on a voyage to explore the top 10 biggest shipping companies in 2024 and unravel the secrets behind their success.

1. MSC: Mediterranean Shipping Company (Switzerland)

MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, holds the title of the world’s largest container shipping company by both fleet size and cargo capacity. With over 790 container vessels boasting a combined capacity exceeding 5.5 million TEU, MSC continues to play a crucial role in facilitating global trade. Founded in 1970 by Gianluigi Aponte, the company remains family-owned and has expanded its reach beyond just shipping, venturing into cruise lines, passenger ferries, and logistics solutions.

Top 10 Biggest Shipping Companies in 2024

Committed to sustainability, MSC invests in cleaner technologies and actively explores alternative fuels to minimize its environmental footprint. Looking ahead, MSC aims to solidify its leading position by leveraging technological advancements, optimizing operational efficiency, and fostering strategic partnerships to navigate the evolving landscape of the global shipping industry.

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2. A.P. Moller – Maersk (Denmark)

A.P. Moller-Maersk, the Danish shipping giant, holds strong as the second-largest shipping company globally in 2024, boasting a vast fleet and extensive presence across 130 countries. With a focus on “going all the way” for customers and society, Maersk aims to simplify global trade through integrated logistics solutions.

Top 10 Biggest Shipping Companies in 2024

Besides maintaining its leading position, Maersk is actively pursuing sustainability goals, aiming for decarbonization and creating a more inclusive and environmentally responsible global trade landscape. Their commitment to digitalization and innovation is further solidifying their position as a frontrunner in the ever-evolving shipping industry.

3. CMA CGM (France)

CMA CGM, headquartered in France, remains a top contender in the global shipping landscape, ranking third in the world with a robust TEU capacity. As of February 2024, they boast a presence in over 160 countries, serving 561 ports with 37 shipping lines. Their focus extends beyond maritime transportation, offering end-to-end logistics solutions encompassing air freight, inland services, and customized solutions for various industries.

Top 10 Biggest Shipping Companies in 2024

CMA CGM actively embraces digitalization and sustainability initiatives. Their online platform, “My CMA CGM,” empowers clients to manage shipments efficiently, while their commitment to environmental responsibility includes exploring alternative fuels and implementing operational practices to minimize their carbon footprint. Facing a dynamic industry, CMA CGM remains strategically positioned for continued growth through innovation and a diversified service portfolio.

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4. COSCO Shipping (China)

COSCO Shipping (China), a state-owned conglomerate formed by the merger of COSCO Group and China Shipping Group, remains a dominant force in the global shipping industry. The company boasts a massive fleet with a high TEU capacity, solidifying its position among the top shipping companies worldwide. COSCO Shipping’s extensive network of routes and ports grants it access to major trade lanes, connecting Asia, Europe, the Americas, and beyond. Despite the lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, COSCO Shipping has demonstrated resilience, adapting to ongoing challenges through strategic investments in technology and sustainability.

Top 10 Biggest Shipping Companies in 2024

The company is actively exploring alternative fuel sources, such as LNG, and implementing digitalization to optimize its operations, ensuring its continued competitiveness and future growth in the rapidly evolving shipping sector. As China’s influence in global trade increases, COSCO Shipping is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of international shipping.

5. Hapag-Lloyd (Germany)

Hapag-Lloyd, a German multinational container shipping company headquartered in Hamburg, ranks fifth globally in terms of total TEU capacity. Founded in 1847, it boasts a long and rich history in the maritime industry. As of 2024, Hapag-Lloyd operates a fleet of over 230 container ships, connecting over 120 countries and offering diverse transportation solutions.

Top 10 Biggest Shipping Companies in 2024

Recently, the company has been actively pursuing sustainability initiatives, investing in greener technologies like liquefied natural gas (LNG)-fueled vessels and exploring alternative fuels to reduce their environmental footprint. Hapag-Lloyd remains a key player in the global shipping landscape, committed to providing reliable and efficient transportation services while embracing sustainable practices for the future.

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6. ONE (Japan)

ONE (Ocean Network Express), headquartered in Japan, continues to maintain its position as one of the world’s top 10 largest shipping companies in 2024. Formed from the merger of three major Japanese shipping lines, ONE leverages its expertise in Asia-Pacific trade routes while expanding its global presence. The company has invested heavily in modernizing its fleet, boasting some of the industry’s most technologically advanced and environmentally conscious container ships. While the company faced challenges associated with global supply chain disruptions in recent years, ONE remains resilient by strategically adapting its operations.

Top 10 Biggest Shipping Companies in 2024

Their commitment to innovation is driven by exploring digital solutions for greater supply chain efficiency, and the company is actively pursuing sustainability initiatives within the shipping sector. As global trade continues to rebound, ONE is well-positioned for growth due to its focus on customer service and its ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

7. Evergreen Marine (Taiwan)

Evergreen Marine, a Taiwanese giant, maintains its position as the 7th largest shipping company globally in 2024. Founded in 1968, it boasts a fleet exceeding 150 container ships with a combined capacity of over 1.5 million TEU. As part of the vast Evergreen Group conglomerate, it offers integrated e-commerce services, facilitating online shipment management and monitoring.

Top 10 Biggest Shipping Companies in 2024

The company prioritizes sustainability efforts, aiming to introduce eco-friendly vessels and build efficient e-commerce platforms. Facing a dynamic industry landscape, Evergreen Marine continues to adapt and innovate, contributing significantly to global trade and striving towards a greener future in maritime transportation.

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8. Hyundai Merchant Marine (South Korea)

Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM), formerly known as Hyundai Merchant Marine, stands as the eighth largest shipping company globally in 2024, boasting a robust fleet of over 100 vessels, including container ships, bulk carriers, and Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs). As South Korea’s leading container carrier, HMM plays a crucial role in the nation’s export sector.

Top 10 Biggest Shipping Companies in 2024

Following the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping in 2016, HMM strategically expanded its operations, solidifying its position as a dominant force in global maritime trade. The company prioritizes sustainable practices, implementing eco-friendly initiatives to reduce emissions and enhance operational efficiency. Looking ahead, HMM is committed to continuous innovation, leveraging technology to optimize its services and navigate the evolving demands of the global shipping landscape.

9. Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation (Taiwan)

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation (Taiwan), a member of the Alliance, continues to hold a significant presence in the global shipping industry. As one of the top 10 biggest shipping companies worldwide, Yang Ming boasts a modern fleet exceeding 100 vessels. The company’s strategic focus lies in strengthening its network of intra-Asia routes, a market where demand is on the rise. It is also prioritizing the enhancement of service quality, a move that aligns with its core values of teamwork, innovation, honesty, and pragmatism.

Top 10 Biggest Shipping Companies in 2024

Yang Ming invests in digital technologies designed to boost efficiency, aiming to provide faster, more reliable, and cost-effective transportation solutions. Furthermore, as the industry navigates the challenge of decarbonization, Yang Ming remains committed to exploring sustainable practices and implementing solutions that reduce its environmental footprint. With a forward-thinking approach and dedication to meeting customer needs, Yang Ming is well-positioned for continued success in the dynamic landscape of international shipping.

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10. ZIM Integrated Shipping Services (Israel)

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services (Israel) consistently holds a spot among the world’s top 10 largest container shipping lines. While smaller than giants like MSC and Maersk, ZIM’s strategy focuses on agility and niche routes, ensuring personalized attention to clients and maximizing profitability. The company leverages digital innovations to provide customers with enhanced visibility and seamless booking experiences.

Top 10 Biggest Shipping Companies in 2024

In response to the increased focus on environmental sustainability in the shipping industry, ZIM is investing in cleaner fuel technologies and exploring alternative propulsion methods. This focus on innovation and customer service, combined with their niche route strategies, positions ZIM well for continued success in the dynamic global shipping market. Despite the challenges posed by a potentially slowing global economy, ZIM’s emphasis on specific trade lanes and tailored solutions offers potential resilience amidst the industry’s ongoing evolution.


Q: What are the biggest factors influencing the ranking of shipping companies?

Several factors influence the ranking, including:

  • Total TEU capacity: This measures the total cargo capacity of a company’s fleet.
  • Market share: This reflects the percentage of global container shipping volume controlled by the company.
  • Fleet size and composition: The number and types of vessels in a company’s fleet impact their operational efficiency and reach.
  • Financial performance: A company’s revenue, profitability, and overall financial health are crucial factors.

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Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the shipping industry?

The pandemic caused significant disruptions, leading to:

  • Port congestion and delays: Increased demand and labor shortages resulted in backlogs and longer shipping times.
  • Fluctuating freight rates: Demand surges and disruptions caused significant variations in shipping costs.
  • Supply chain disruptions: The pandemic highlighted the complex and interconnected nature of global shipping, impacting various industries reliant on timely deliveries.

Q: What are the emerging trends in the shipping industry?

Several trends are shaping the future of shipping, including:

  • Sustainability: a growing focus on reducing the environmental impact of shipping through cleaner fuels, vessel design innovations, and digitalization.
  • Technological advancements: increased adoption of automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to improve efficiency and optimize operations.
  • Consolidation: mergers and acquisitions within the industry to gain economies of scale and strengthen market positions.

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Q: What are the prospects for the top shipping companies?

Long-term growth is expected in the shipping industry, driven by factors like:

  • E-commerce boom: The increasing popularity of online shopping is expected to continue driving demand for container shipping.
  • Globalization: Continued growth in international trade will necessitate efficient and reliable shipping services.
  • Regional trade agreements: Expanding trade agreements will create new opportunities for shipping companies in specific regions.

Q: How can I learn more about the top shipping companies and the industry?

You can explore various resources, including:

  • Company websites and annual reports of the top shipping companies.
  • Industry publications and news articles focused on maritime transportation.
  • Reports by research firms specializing in the logistics and shipping sectors.
  • Attend industry events and conferences to gain insights from experts and network with industry professionals.


In conclusion, the top 10 biggest shipping companies in 2024 represent the pinnacle of excellence and innovation in the maritime industry. With their global reach, advanced technologies, and unwavering commitment to service, these companies continue to drive the wheels of global trade forward. As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, these shipping giants serve as beacons of reliability, efficiency, and sustainability on the high seas.

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